Happy Things

Life has been great lately. I don’t know if it’s the warm weather or not, but I’ve been in a good mood. Maybe it’s some of these things?

Like my new Apera bag that is the best gym bag/coaching bag/ life bag ever. I use it daily to carry things to work and to the gym. One word to describe it best: pockets. Pockets for everything.




And here’s iPhone proof that it fit EVERYTHING I needed for my swim meet. Drinks galore, food, shoes, papers for the kids, pens, markers, caps, goggles, stop watch, etc. What can I say? Coaches need lots of random things!


Totally relatable video about siblings makes me giggle:

This past weekend, Brittany, Megan, and I met up and we also stopped for some cupcakes. Alexandria Cupcake has a vegan option, which was good, though it unfortunately didn’t have icing.  Could be better, but it was still a cupcake nonetheless.  Never can go fully wrong with those.


Bo Burnham always knows how to make me happy.  If you don’t know Bo, he is extremely funny but a little bit inappropriate.  I love his awfully hysterical humor.

Lastly, I love partaking in fun events at school.  Last Monday was Maryland Monday, and so I decked out like the state flag.


Much cooler flag than mine was in PA, I might add.

I think that’s all I have for you today.  Life has been so busy, so expect a lot of random posts for the time being.  Sorry bout that.  Bare with me!

What type of gym bag do you use?

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Training Check In

Life’s been crazy lately. First of all, something’s up with my computer and it’s not charging. I have to use Trav’s which is in our office, but I like to watch TV while I blog, so I haven’t had as much desire. Sorry, not sorry.

Here’s a quick check-in about training lately. First off, weigh in time.

Last week’s weight: 142.4

This week’s weight (from Monday): 141.2

This officially means I’m down about 10 pounds! Woot woot!

Here’s how last week went with training:

Monday: rest

Tuesday: 45 minutes on the trainer while watching Jimmy Fallon!

That would be my sweaty mess face…

Wednesday: 4.5 mile run in 9:50 pace followed by 20 minutes of yoga

Thursday: 4.5 miles on the elliptical in 9:25 pace

Friday: hour long full-body lift to reduce my stress levels after a crazy week of teaching!

Saturday: rest

Sunday: Sunday was supposed to be an 8 mile run, but the weather was horrendous and so I did an hour and a half on the bike trainer while watching Across the Universe instead.  Not too shabby for having coached a swim meet all morning!

photo3_thumbReunited with one of my swimmer friends from college…we were both coaching at the same meet!

Also, though I will recap this next week, here’s a picture from my seven mile run last night!

photo1_thumbTad blurry, but I love being able to run by water without even having to drive anywhere.

There you have it…another week closer to our half marathon.  Not great running wise, but still not horrible!

Where’s your favorite place to run?

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Better Late Than Never

Remember last weekend when I visited with my sister and mom in DC and had my first wedding dress fitting?? Well, I forgot show you pictures from our time there.  Better late than never, right?  It started off pretty overcast, as you can tell, but it perfect DC exploring weather!

IMG_0048_thumbIMG_0052_thumbIMG_0057_thumb1IMG_0062_thumbIMG_0063_thumbIMG_0064_thumbIMG_0070_thumbIMG_0074_thumbIMG_0081_thumbIMG_0081_thumbIMG_0083_thumbWe had a g0rgeous walk around the Tidal Basin to the MLK memorial, the FDR memorial, and the Thomas Jefferson memorial.  So many inspiring words.  We then walked the National Mall toward the Capitol before heading for some soft pretzels.  I LOVE D.C.  Too bad we were a bit early for the Cherry Blossoms!

Last weekend was obviously great, and this past weekend was pretty awesome, too.  More on that soon!! Off to a professional development day! No students and comfy clothes…does it get any better?

How was your weekend?? Do anything fun?

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